Allergies : Travel Tip: Auto-Injectors at the Airport

If you're traveling this summer and have a food allergy, you may be wondering: Can epinephrine auto-injectors go through an airport x-ray machine? Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) says it's okay to allow epinephrine auto-injectors to pass through the x-ray machines and security scanners used for carry-on luggage in airport security.

FARE states that it does not believe any scientific evidence exists that indicates a risk to the effectiveness of the medication, due to the fact that the amount of radiation emitted by airport x-ray machines is similar to the amount of ambient radiation we all experience on a typical day.

In addition, FARE recommends the x-ray machine over visual inspections by TSA officials, since visual inspections may increase the chances of an accidental activation of or damage to the auto-injector.

Always keep your epinephrine with you -- don't store it in the overhead bin or in a checked bag. Make your traveling companions aware of your food allergy so they know what to do in case of an emergency on the flight, and where your epinephrine auto-injector is located.
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