Hair, Skin, Nails : A Treat For Your Feet This Summer!

By Janet Angel, PhD

If your feet have finally come out of hiding and sandals and bare feet are now the rage, remember that your entire body relies upon them for support!

Most people take their feet for granted until there is a problem. The reason is often as simple as this," out of sight...out of mind." We don't always pay attention to things we don't see and for most of America our feet are covered with shoes and socks a good number of days per year. So what can you do to make sure your feet stay healthier? Here are some tips:

Have your feet examined by a podiatrist to see if you need special support or care. Wear appropriate shoes, sandals and socks for any medical conditions. Next, take care to keep your feet clean. Wash your feet with soap and water and dry them thoroughly before you put on your favorite socks, sandals, shoes, sneakers, boots, or slippers. There are wonderful foot soaps made especially to help keep the skin on your feet healthy.

Be sure that you apply natural creams if your feet are too dry. Creams that contain vitamins A,C, and E with natural oils are soothing and protective. Sunbathe your feet and apply natural sunscreen several times a week if possible.

Have a pedicure on a regular basis and calluses and corns removed by a professional. You may wish to use foot stones like pumice to soften skin where it has become hardened due to poor fitting shoes.

No matter how well you care for your feet there is always a risk of contracting fungal infections and other nasty infections especially if you frequent public locker rooms, swimming pools or walk barefoot in places that are unclean such as public bathrooms. We must be careful to protect our feet from these types of threats. But even with great care one still might get a case of athlete's feet. If a fungal infection on the skin isn't properly cared for it might get into the nail bed and cause unsightly toenail infections. That is why treating your feet immediately is important.

One of the finest natural anti fungal properties is derived from the Redleaf Horopito plant by the trade name of Kolorex. The Horopito plant has survived over 60 million years and grows in the rainforests of New Zealand where it has been subjected to millions of fungi without ever having been destroyed. So powerful the dinosaurs didn't touch it nor do insects light upon it. The indigenous Maori Indians have used it successfully for centuries. In university research studies it has proven to act as powerfully as major pharmaceutical anti fungal medications but without harsh side effects. Kolorex Foot and Toe Care Cream is a wonderful addition to your first aid kit for times when conditions such as athletes foot is a problem.

People who walk in salt water frequently along our country's coasts are actually receiving benefits from the natural iodine that exists. Iodine is used on the skin by surgeons prior to operations as a powerful anti bacterial.

Be sure to change your socks and your shoes frequently. Take special care to disinfect your shoes by spraying them with known disinfectants and letting them air dry before wearing.

Massage your feet and use foot baths whenever your feet need pampering. Massage and jacuzzi type of foot baths are wonderful to encourage better circulation.

Keep your feet happy and use care everyday to protect them. Happy feet...happy life!
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