Eye Sight : Calm Moment: Yoga for Your Eyes

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From new recipes to e-mails to funny cat videos, our devices inform and entertain us. In fact, the average American spends nearly ten hours a day taking it all in. But during all that screen time, we're focusing intently at a single distance near the face, which puts stress and strain on the eyes. Maybe you've noticed the signs: blurry vision, watery eyes, headaches. Even if you haven't, it's a great idea to weave these two simple exercises into your day to relax your eye muscles and protect your vision.

Eye Rolling

Sit upright and keep your head still. Relax the muscles in your eyes and face, then gaze up toward the ceiling. Slowly and smoothly, circle your eyes in a clockwise direction, tracing as large a circle as possible. Gently focus on objects in your periphery as you do this. Repeat the circle five times, then close your eyes and relax. When you are ready, repeat the movement five times in the other direction.


Sitting in a comfortable position, rub your hands together until you feel a bit of heat. Form your hands into cup shapes and gently place palms over closed eyes, with heels of the hands resting on the cheeks. Breathe deeply, and allow the heat to warm your eyes and the darkness to relax them. Continue for a few seconds or up to a few minutes.

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